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Fancy Trash Candles are far from TRASH...So why put it in the name? Well, as you can see by the "colorful" names of the candles, they are a bit on the trashy side. As for the Fancy side, the candles are made with only the best ingredients: Coconut-Apricot Crème which is the highest quality wax available and is all natural, Wooden Wicks have a crackle that creates a calming & soothing ambiance, Vessels (container) that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Fragrances that are far from ordinary. Fancy Trash Candles are Luxury Candles that have a long burn life because the wax and the wooden wicks sustain a slower burn. 

In addition to bringing luxury candles to the community, Fancy Trash Candle Co. owners have a passion for supporting our armed forces and veterans; much of the face to face events FTCC attends are to benefit veterans and active duty. 


adidas james and sam.JPG

Sam & James

Chandler & Handler


Sam is the Chandler (fancy term for maker of the candles) and James just ensures that Sam stays unfocused as possible...but entertained always.

Kash a.k.a. Mofo


Kash has a very important job keeping an eye on operations and making sure no one gets out of hand.

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