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Fancy Trash Candles are far from TRASH...So why put it in the name? Well, as you can see by the "colorful" names of the candles, they are a bit on the trashy side. As for the Fancy side, the candles are made with only the best ingredients: Coconut-Apricot Crème which is the highest quality wax available and is all natural, Wooden Wicks have a crackle that creates a calming & soothing ambiance, Vessels (container) that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Fragrances that are far from ordinary. Fancy Trash Candles are Luxury Candles that have a long burn life because the wax and the wooden wicks sustain a slower burn. 

In addition to bringing luxury candles to the community, Fancy Trash Candle Co. owners have a passion for supporting our active duty and veterans; much of the face to face events FTCC attends are to benefit veterans and active duty. 


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Sam & James

Chandler & Handler


Sam is the Chandler (fancy term for maker of the candles) and James just ensures that Sam stays unfocused as possible...but entertained always.



Kash alerts the owners of every delivery of supplies. Maintains peace among the Shipping Supervisor and Product Inspector.


Shipping & Handling Supervisor

Luna takes her job very seriously. She inspects every box coming into the Fancy Trash Factory and also tests the durability of every box leaving the Fancy Trash Factory.


Product Inspector

Luci ensures each candle is properly sniffed as well and placed correctly on the shelves. Periodically she will test the weight of candles by trying to push off the shelf.

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